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Magic Mobile Drive-In


The Honda Jazz – a small car packed full of surprises that are sure to make you smile.


Young, savvy consumers, first car buyers, adventure seekers.


Leave behind the Jazz of old to create an engaging experience that captures the target market’s imagination.

The challenge

The launch of the Honda Jazz into the Australian market created opportunity for a renewed positioning strategy for the brand. Targeting a younger demographic, it was necessary to capture the consumer’s imagination, while demonstrating the vehicle’s relevance to their practical transportation needs. The starting point was to bring the TVC to life.

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Ice cream sandwiches, popcorn & drive in movies thanks to @honda_australia #JazzMMDI

Best date night ever. All thanks to @honda_australia #JazzMMDI

The solution

We delivered a drive-in cinema experience, popping up at secret locations across multiple states. Audience intrigue was captured through the mystery and exclusivity of the event – tickets available via ballot only. Every element was carefully planned to align with the lifestyle of the target market. Food trucks satisfied the hungry crowds as popular underground DJ’s delivered pre-movie beats.


To demonstrate the versatility of the car in a fun and relevant way, we completely refitted a Jazz to become a mobile candy bar, while even more cars were transformed into luxurious VIP lounges for some lucky guests.

  • Brand Experiences and Events
  • Branded Environments
  • Creative Studio

The outcome

Over 1000 attendees across three events enjoyed a truly unique and memorable experience of the Honda Jazz brand. The event was featured in online culture king, Broadsheet, and generated significant live buzz across social media.